Establishing a New Named Scholarship

When you create a scholarship at Fletcher, you give the gift of education and provide critical assistance for talented students who otherwise could not afford to attend. While supporting today’s students, scholarship gifts can also honor those who have made a difference in your life. Named scholarships can pay tribute to a loved one or special faculty member, preserve a family name, or highlight a company presence. Scholarships connect the past, present, and future! Each scholarship gift is unique because it is based on your wishes. If you would like to set-up a named scholarship fund please contact the development office. Things to consider when creating a new scholarship:

  • Choose the “name” for the scholarship.
  • Consider what award criteria we have such as GPA, financial need, class level, work service, career goals, and more, etc.
  • Designate the amount to be awarded and to how many students.
  • Decide will this be one-time gift or a self-perpetuating endowed scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are permanent and perpetual funds which can be created with gifts totaling at least $10,000. The larger the gift, the greater the impact it has relieving the tuition burden for talented students! Endowed scholarships are invested in their entirety, and awards are made from the interest earned. Your endowment will support students for generations!

Donor Sponsored Scholarships

Donor sponsored scholarships play an important role at Fletcher Academy. Unlike endowed funds, contributions made to non-endowed funds are usually completely distributed soon after they are received. Donors contribute into the fund throughout the year and amounts are awarded based on the available balance at scholarship award time. Contributions can be added to a fund by the initial donor and/or others who may wish to contribute to the fund (i.e., family, friends, employers, etc.).

Scholarship Donor Benefits

  • Meeting scholarship recipient(s) each year at alumni weekend.
  • Sharing a brief personal or family history and inspiration for your gift, so your story will live on with your investment.
  • The opportunity to name a fund to celebrate a family member, friend, or beloved faculty member, or bring honor to a business or organization.
  • Being thanked personally by the students who receive the scholarship.

Thank you for considering a scholarship gift and investing in our collective future. If you would like more information on how you can join our family of donors, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Note of Caution: There are laws about awarding scholarships. For example, you shouldn’t attempt a scholarship in which your family member is guaranteed to win. Generally, we want to ensure that recipients are selected in an objective and non-discriminatory basis. Those responsible for selecting scholarship recipients must not be in the position to derive an economic benefit-directly or indirectly-from the scholarship process, and relatives of applicants should not serve on selection committees. Relatives of donors are ineligible to receive scholarship grants from donor-established scholarship funds.