Dress Code

Our official uniform suppliers are Read’s Uniforms and Land’s End. Remember, All polos must be purchased at either Land’s End or Read’s Uniforms. They will automatically come with the logo embroidered. For chapel day (Friday), the students must wear a white oxford which does not need to be purchased with a logo, provided it is worn under a logoed garment. The logoed garment may be a sweater vest, cardigan, or blazer, which must be purchased from one of the uniform stores.

Khaki and navy pants do not need to be purchased at the uniform store but can be purchased at any supplier, provided they are the dressier chino style pant (no cargo, denim, joggers, form-fitting, or other non-dressy style). When in doubt, call and ask before purchasing.

Please mention Fletcher Academy by name when ordering via phone at Read’s.

Dress Standards

As Christians, we desire to draw attention to Christ rather than ourselves. Therefore, students should be dressed appropriately for the occasion in modest clothing that fits properly and is in good repair.

Detailed school dress standards are found in our student handbook.